To be Miss Earth would be best for me to lead, promote and tell everybody (companies, people, foundation, etc) that we must to protect our environment and show all the consequence if we don’t do that. In this way we can travel and promote our mission and try to help also with some laws to the companies or people who don’t care about it.

My countries is really blessed with many things, we have coasts, seas, mountains, jungles, the Amazon, the Amazon river (lung of the world) a rich history, multi-cultures and one most importantly the incas who made an empire in our lands, macchu picchu's, the belly button of the world, unbelievable food that make people to come back to eat it, our national liquor called pisco that its start to make good comments around the world, friendly and adorable people, but the most important thing is that the people here wants to succeed and make Peru a better country.I guess I will need more space to write all the good things about my country. I love Peru, it’s a pleasure to represent it in a far and amazing country like the Philippines.